Stacking paper gives depth to the scene as three-dimensional art and performance of electronic sound, and LED light sends your heartful message.

Feature of 3D greeting card with LED light & melody

3D Expression

Stacking paper gives fine depth to the scene and its three-dimensional feature adds gorgeous decoration to the displaying.
You can enjoy the 3D scene by displaying.

PHOTO:3D Expression

Electronic melody & LED light

You can hear the melody by pressing ♪ button.
The LED light blinks individually to the rhythm of the music. Another pressing makes the LED light and the music stop. Light and melody convey sender’s sincerity.

PHOTO:Electronic melody & LED light

Displaying the card

  • ICON:Paper stand
    Paper stand
    Lift the flap of the enclosed paper stand to display the card.
  • ICON:PET stand
    PET stand
    Lift the flap of the PET to make a stand for the card.
  • ICON:Wall hanging flap
    Wall hanging flap
    To hang on the wall, lift the flap on the back surface of the card box.

Set Contents

  1. Card Body
  2. Explanation Sheet
  3. Sealing sticker/Address sticker
  4. Message sticker
  5. Paper stand
  6. Shipping Box

Check the postage at your nearest post office.